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A Red Knight Walk for the Krause family

We are the family of God. Yes. We are the family of God. And He's brought us together, to be one in Him, that we might bring light to the world.

Who remembers Fun Day?? For some of you, Steve Krause is the guy that helped make the magical world of math make sense. For others, he's the guy that gave you a perfectly groomed grass patch to play on, even though you never saw him quietly serving on the lawnmower.  For some of you he might have been a coach in any number of sports at MLHS. But, for all of you, he is a leader of a family that needs your support. Students at MLHS did something incredibly touching this year. As any graduate of MLHS knows, the student fundraiser leads to Fun Day, or what is now called Fellowship Day. In the past, this fundraiser has gone to support a number of improvements to MLHS. This year, at the request of Student Council leadership and the support of Administration, the entire fundraiser will go to benefit the Krause family, with no potential reward to them. Two children in the Krause family have undergone several medical procedures that have left the Krause's with medical bill debt that we would like to help minimize.  On behalf of Milwaukee Lutheran, Student Council asks that you join us in walking to support the Krause family. We promise in true Red Knight fashion that it will be a ton of fun. A little simon says around the track never hurt anybody! Click HERE to print a registration form, or pick one up in the Main Office. We look forward to seeing you support the leadership of our Christ-lead students, and the life of service of a great man and great family.

Thank you in advance.